By Glenda Popot- FM 100

Madang Governor Peter Yama has announced he is taking CEPA and the developer of Ramu Nico Mine, MCC, to court for an alleged contempt of court.

This, according to Mr Yama is regarding a decision made in 2011 at the Madang National Court which ordered that CEPA and MCC provide quarterly reports to stakeholders, however, it has failed to produce these reports since then, resulting in about just over 20 reports outstanding.

Governor Yama says if these reports were produced quarterly it could have avoided the August 24th spill.

In 2011, Madang landowners, through their lawyer, Tiffany Twivey, took Ramu Nico to court, asking for a permanent injunction of the issuance of the mine’s environment permit challenging the mine’s waste disposal system as posing an environment catastrophe.


By Josu KIM

The Prisoners Parole and Probation City Wide Clean Up Rehabilitation Program for Low Risk Prisoners at the Bomana Correctional Service Institute in Port Moresby is currently underway at the Koki bus stop, market and store areas.

This morning saw the 74 inmates being grouped into four groups doing the cleaning up of rubbish, clearing drainage and clearing weeds along the main road to the market and store areas.

Bomana CS officer Sergeant John Skub says the inmates include both the males and females and the program is part of the rehabilitating exercise where inmates are engaged in positive community services betelnut stain cleaning, prevention of spittle, unlawful disposal of rubbish, unlawful graffiti, respect for women and girls and general law and order education.

The rehabilitation exercise was done in different locations in the city since its inception in August this year, 2019.

Sergeant John Skub says the two month program will cease at the end of this month and so far they have carried out the rehabilitation exercise at Boroko, Gordons, Waigani and Hohola in the Nation’s Capital.

He further adds that all the inmates engaged have tradesman skills and are from the Minimum Security Unit at Bomana CS.
The inmate rehabilitation program was observed by CS and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary officers.

The program was initiated by the NCDC through Governor Powes Parkop with the Bomana CS management.


By Press Release

Port Moresby Nature Park has launched the initial stages of its second conservation project the ‘Future Proofing of Papua New Guinea’s frogs.’

Port Moresby Nature Park’s Curator Mr Brett Smith said, “This long-term project is dedicated to obtaining and storing the genetic material of as many of PNG’s 335 currently described frog species in preparation of the imminent arrival of the deadly Chytrid fungus.”

The Chytrid fungus is so deadly that it has killed almost half of all frogs globally and has resulted in the extinction of many frog species in the last two decades.

Papua New Guinea remains one of the last land masses yet to be hit by Chytrid Fungus.

The Nature Park will hold frog genome in a frozen zoo.

This will enable the park when required, to reproduce and breed frogs from the stored frozen genome for reintroduction into the wild.

This will be the first of its kind in the country.

The project is a collaborative effort with multiple international researchers, universities both local and international, Government and local partners and will enable entirely new research opportunities for university post-graduate students and researchers.

The Park’s sister-zoo, Zoos Victoria recently sent Mr Damien Goodall, Amphibian Specialist, who has been working closely with the Nature Park’s Wildlife Department to set up the frog enclosures required to correctly house frogs.

Nature Park’s General Manager Ms Michelle McGeorge said, “Globally, it is very exciting to fly the PNG flag and show to the world that we are taking a proactive approach to future-proofing the frogs of this amazing country before it is too late.”

Frogs play an important role in ecosystems as both predators and prey, sustaining the delicate balance of nature.

They eat pest insects, benefiting successful agriculture around the world and minimizing the spread of disease, including malaria, and in turn, frogs are a food source for reptiles, birds and some mammals.

The skin of amphibians has substances that protect them from some microbes and viruses, offering possible medical cures for a variety of human diseases, including HIV AIDS.

The Port Moresby Nature Park is dedicated to inspiring in others the guardianship of PNG’s unique natural environment and culture.


By Press Release

Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha has raised concerns on Police failing to prosecute cases of corrupt immigration officers referred to them and police officers colluding with unlawful non-citizens to prevent their deportation from the country.

Mr Kantha was referring to a case where two Immigration Officers were terminated in April for fraudulently issuing a visa and were going to be prosecuted by Police Investigator attached to ICA but a Police Officer attached to the Gordons Minor Crimes demanded to take over the case.

Mr Kantha is disappointed that the Police Officer has been requesting allowances and requesting ICA to extend the visa of an unlawful Bangladeshi national whose visa was cancelled by the Minister for the person to be deported.

“It is disappointing that this officer is preventing ICA from lawfully carrying out its duties and seemed to be serving the interest of this unlawful non-citizen enabling this person to remain in the country unlawfully. The Bangladeshi’s lawyer has written to us complaining of extortion by Police and a former Immigration officer,” said Mr Kantha.

Mr Kantha said that the new Minister and Acting Commissioner has a big challenge ahead of them to clean up the Police Force and weed out corrupt officers who are working against the national interest and preventing other State agencies from implementing their duties.

Mr Kantha added that any Immigration officer engaged in corrupt practices will be terminated immediately. As we work to modernise our department and “take back PNG” there is no room for corruption in ICA.

“I have written to Police Minister Bryan Kramer and Acting Police Commissioner to investigate and deal with this officer and I hope that swift action is taken against such officers,” said Mr Kantha.


The suspect who was apprehended at Westpac Waigani had in his bag a pistol and ammunition

By Karen OTU

A planned armed robbery outside of Westpac bank around 12 midday today was foiled by NCD Police.

One suspect was apprehended.

According to ACP NCD/Central Anthony Wagambie Junior, Police had received information of suspicious looking individuals in a white sedan frequenting the Westpac Waigani branch.

A NCD Zone 3 Response Unit went to check the area.

There was one Suspect who was outside the vehicle , but when he saw Police approaching he attempted to run away when a member of the Zones Response Unit chased him down and apprehended him while the other members in the Police vehicle gave chase to the white sedan which sped off.

Other Police units responded quickly by blocking off escape routes.

Wagambie Junior says the armed criminals fired shots at the Zones Response Unit and a Dog Unit Vehicle.

He adds the vehicle was abandoned by the gang at June Valley, while Police gave chase on foot but the suspects managed to get away .

Commander Wagambie Junior commends members of the public for contacting Police and sharing information when seeing that there were suspicious people in the area.

He also commended the Police units for their efforts in foiling the robbery and also for perseverance when being fired upon by the criminals.

ACP Anthony Wagambie Junior is warning those that plan to take part in crimes with violence that NCD/Central Police is strategizing and soon the Metropolitan Superintendent and his Zone Commanders will clamp down on this.


By FM100 News

The Governor of East New Britain is committed to supporting the Provincial Education Plan 2015-2022.

He made this statement during the launching of the plan today in Kokopo.

Governor, Nakikus Konga revealed that education is one of the six key focus areas of the East New Britain Provincial Government.

The Governor says currently the National Government through the TFF Policy is making education accessible to as many children as possible.

Under the Plan, Mr. Konga says quality education will be the issue they will focus on.

He further adds all other sectors in the Province must come up with their plans so that all development efforts in East New Britain can be properly guided and monitored.

Provincial Education Advisor, Hubert Wangun,says the Plan stipulates how education services will be delivered in East New Britain.

Mr. Wangun reiterates that the Provincial Education Plan is the road map for central basic education services to the people of East New Britain.

Although the Plan was developed in 2015 it was not implemented due to various factors.


Photo credit: Anthony Wagambie Junior

By Karen OTU

NCD Police this morning shot dead one suspect, leaving two others wounded while another escaped on foot following a failed armed robbery attempt.

Four factory made pistols were also recovered at the scene by police.

According to a brief from the ACP NCD/Central Anthony Wagambie Junior, Boroko CID had recieved intelligence reports that an armed robbery was going to take place at the KMC Gordon so they went there.

The armed gang were using a white sedan, investigations will reveal whether it was a stolen motor vehicle because there were a number of registration plate numbers found in the vehicle.

Commander Wagambie Junior, says when the criminals realised that Police had arrived at the location they made a quick getaway on the vehicle they were using with the civillian Policemen in pursuit.

A shoot-out between the criminals and police ensued, while police continued to chase the sedan leading from Gordon’s KMC all the way to the RH Hypermart gate.

The criminals forced two vehicles to swerve off the road to avoid collision, before running.straight into a taxi cab parked at the side of the road, pushing it backwards and in turn that cab bumped into the vehicle behind it.

Commander Wagambie Junior commended the CID members for their quick action.

He also issued a warning to armed criminals to stop whatever plans they have because Police will come down when they encounter armed criminals.

He further says NCD is faced with high number of stolen motor vehicles and armed robberies.

“The danger in that, is that, hard working people are being robbed off their vehicles and hard earned cash.”

ACP Wagambie Junior was impressed with the pickup of Police Operations and Response so far, adding police in NCD/Central will get better as they work towards new strategies, complementing what is already in place to counter crimes with violence.

The strategy will be devised in consultation with NCD Metropolitan Superintendent and his senior Officers.